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  • Why do you need a copy of my Merchant Statement?
    We ask for a copy of your merchant statement so we can do a side-by-side cost analysis. By doing an apples to apples comparison, we can guarentee your savings.
  • Is it legal to offer Cash Discount?
    Until May 2011, merchants were not allowed to offer cash discount or surcharge credit card payments. The Dodd-Frank Laws changed these restrictions allowing businesses to provide this discount program.
  • How are customers made aware of this new program?
    Empire Processing will help you stay fully compliant by providing the signage and verbiage necessary to implement this type of program such as: - add conditions to your website. - notification at checkout. - notification in bills and contracts. - signage posted at the point of sale. - signage posted at entrance of business.
  • Will my customees push back because of the Cash Discount program?
    No. It's a model that customers already know. - $.10 per gallon on average when they choose to swipe at the gas pump. - $.35 average cost for customers to access their own money at ATM. - All National, state, and local governments including the DMV, post offices, schools, courts, and the IRS charge a convienence fee of 2-6%. - All major cell phone carriers ask for a convienence fee to pay with a credit card over the phone.
  • What if after implimenting the Cash Discount program, I suddenly realize this program is not suitable for my Business?"
    No problem! If this program doesnt work for your business for any reason, Empire Processing will work with you to revert you to a traditional merchant services program, still saving you money from your previous credit card processer.
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